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About Me

It's my passion to preserve genuine, joy-filled moments and create art from behind the lens. I enjoy exploring nature and telling the stories of the people and places I meet. I studied Fine Art at Knox College in Galesburg, IL where I learned to take chances and to see the world from new angles. Outside of my work and art, I spend as much time as possible with my family - my two insane(ly adorable) dogs, my loving husband, and our truly wonderful children, our daughter Eliza and our son Malcolm. I love sushi, gin and tonics, cartoons, all things Scottish, dogs, puppies, and more dogs. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a session or just to chat. I can't wait to get some coffee with you (another major love of mine)! Thank you!

Photos below by: TWA Photographic Artists, JCalls Photography, Heather McDaniels Photography

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